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Lilly recently had a couple doctors appointments in the morning so we decided once they were finished to play hooky for the rest of the day and have some quality girl time.

5 Tips to Help You Get a Great Night Sleep and a Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress by Nodical Giveaway! #NodicalBed #SleepisComing

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I remember back before I became a mom being able to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  I could stay asleep all night and woke up refreshed and ready for the day.  Now that I'm in my thirties, a mom of 3, and what feels like the weight of the world on my shoulders, I long for those fully restful nights.
Now a days, I crash into bed after getting my little ones their fifth cup of water, trying to clean up for the morning, and making sure all the doors are locked and the dogs set for the night.  As my head hits the pillow I think about how exhausted I am and assume that surely I will be snoring in minutes.  However without fail, I start thinking of the next days errands, what I didn't get done on todays to-do list, and every remotely possible thing I should be worried about concerning my kids.
Then once I fall asleep, I toss and turn, or am woken up by tiny bladders that need to pee or little belly aches.  This is the life of a mommy I guess, because I see all my fellow dark under eye circled mommy friends yawning at the playground. 
However there are a few things us mom's can do to help us get a more restful nights sleep.
1.  Try to stick to a scheduled bedtime.  Bedtimes are not just for the kids, maintaining a routine with the same sleep and wake times will help train your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I began setting an alarm on my phone an hour before I need to go to sleep to help remind me that its time to wind down.  Otherwise I could easily get sucked into Pinterest world or a project and suddenly realize I wanted to be asleep hours ago.

My Cleaning Schedule Tips & Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® Giveaway

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After the twins came I really had to start following a cleaning schedule.  Three kids make big messes all the time and if I miss a day of maintenance cleaning, my house quickly looks like a tornado hit it.  Toys, laundry, school papers, emails, vacuuming, everything just seems to pile up so quickly if mommy is out of commission for just one day.
After a couple surprises, where visitors came over unannounced with my house looking like I was in the middle of shooting for an episode of hoarders, I realized I needed to take control of my home.

5 Ways I Make My Kids Birthdays Extra Special with the New ©2015 MARVEL Avengers Cards from Hallmark!

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My kids birthdays are my favorite days of the year, and I love making these days extra special for my kiddos.  Some times we have birthday parties, some times we just have a family dinner at a fun restaurant, and occasionally we'll take a trip or go on an extra special outing.  No matter how we choose to celebrate their birthdays, these things rarely fall on the actual day they were born because weekends are easier for outings and parties.  So there are some other fun little treats that I enjoy surprising the kids with on their real birthday.

Eating Healthy at McDonald's ~ An Open Door Tour!

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by McDonald's, however as always all opinions are 100% my own*
I was very excited when I recently got an invitation to the Open Door Tour event at McDonald's.  Like most of you, I'm a busy mommy.  Between the kids sporting events, dance classes, school events, my own work schedule, the hubby, and the house, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.
So how do I usually gain an extra minute in the day?  On really busy days its usually by cutting out cooking a meal. 
I have to admit that as someone who has never worked in the restaurant industry, I had some preconceived notions of what it might look like behind the counter of a fast food restaurant, and I often felt guilty about what I was feeding my family.  I didn't know if it was healthy or if the quality of the food was good.  We had always tried to choose healthy options at the drive thru, however when your placing an order through a brick wall its hard to know if what your getting is "real" food or not.  So the Open Door Tour at McDonald's was a perfect opportunity for me to see what I was eating and more importantly what my children were eating, with my own eyes.
I must admit, I was beyond surprised with the quality of the food in the McDonald's kitchen!

12 Beautiful Homemade Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mother's day is fast approaching!  Are you still looking for a thoughtful and beautiful gift?  I've found 12 gorgeous homemade gift options every mother will love!

10 Ways to Save Money on Kids Clothing

1. Find a few great consignment stores in your area.  Over the years, I have scoped out dozens of local kids thrift stores.  Some are dingy, hard to shop in, and don't carry great quality items.  However I always have at least 3 that I love!  Once I find a store that is clean and full of great styles, I make an effort to pop in a few times a month to see what they have in stock.